PNE Freak Auditorium, Vancouver 1941

PNE Freak Auditorium

Photograph Information

Source: Vancouver Archives
Source Link: AM281-S8-: CVA 180-1020
Photographer: Unknown
Date: 1941

Colourization notes

This was a fun image to work with – the blonde woman really shone in this image! Looking at other images in this set one of the two men on stage in the background has vitiligo (Shown here) The plaid coat that he is wearing was the hardest part of the image to do and took a while!

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About the PNE

The Pacific National Exhibition is an annual 17-day summer fair, seasonal amusement park, and arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It usually begins in mid-to-late August, and ends in early September, usually Labour Day. The first exhibition took place in 1910, at Hastings Park and was opened by then Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier as the Industrial Exhibition