Sour-Dough Alley, Rossland, B.C. c.1895

Rossland 1895 - Colourized Photograph

Colourization Notes

I loved this photo of Rossland as soon as I saw it, there is a great “Wild West” feel to it. The photo is full of little details, the clock in the tree on the right, the baked goods in the windows and the various signage. It also displays it’s time period with the “No Chinese” line on the Kellem’s sign. The original photo was in good shape so the colourization was quite straightforward. For a while it seemed that everything was going to look brown but I think some of the little bursts of colour in the signage rescues it from “brown hell”. It took some time to colour everything but I was very pleased with the result!

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Photo information

Source: Vancouver Archives
Source Link: AM1376-: CVA 137-37
Photographer: SJ Thompson
Date: 1895

About Rossland

Rossland is a city in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. In 1890 Ross Thompson staked a claim in the area and the town was initially named after him as “Thompson”. However, a town of this name already existed in BC so it was renamed.