Xmas Card for the Reich c.1944

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Source: DND Archives
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Photographer: Unkown
Date: c.1944

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Xmas Card for the Reich

Aircraftman 1st Class Scotty Babbitt (left), Leading Aircraftman Harry Irvine, Sergeant Morgan Plumb and Leading Aircraftman Bud Lynch, four Toronto armourers of the Leaside Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force Bomber Group in England, inspect the Blockbuster Bomb that was bought by citizens of Ontario as a Christmas present for the Reich. The Blockbuster was purchased out of a subscription of one million dollars raised by affixing War Saving Stamps to Christmas cards as a donation to the Canadian National War Saving Committee. The boys labelled the Blockbuster as “Ontario Citizens Special Xmas Card for the Reich” and painted it up with the names of Ontario towns and cities.

A blockbuster bomb or cookie was any of several of the largest conventional bombs used in World War II by the Royal Air Force (RAF). The term blockbuster was originally a name coined by the press and referred to a bomb which had enough explosive power to destroy an entire street or large building through the effects of blast in conjunction with incendiary bombs.