Ottawa Hockey Club, March 1891

Photograph Information

Title: Ottawa Hockey Club, March 1891
Source: Library and Archives Canada
Source Link: Mikan #:3386124
Photographer: William James Topley
Date: 1891

Colourization Notes

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About the Ottawa Hockey Club

The Ottawa Senators were an amateur, and later, professional, ice hockey team based in Ottawa. The club existed from 1883 to 1954 and was the first hockey club in Ontario. The club was a founding member of the National Hockey League (NHL) and played in the NHL from 1917 until 1934. The club, which was officially the Ottawa Hockey Club (Ottawa HC), was known by several nicknames, including the Generals in the 1890s, the Silver Seven from 1903 to 1907 and the Senators dating from 1908.

Generally acknowledged by hockey historians as one of the greatest teams of the early days of the sport, the club won numerous championships, starting with the 1891 to 1893 Ontario championships. Ottawa HC played in the first season during which the Stanley Cup was challenged in 1893, and first won the Cup in 1903, holding the championship until 1906 (the Silver Seven years). The club repeated its success in the 1920s, winning the Stanley Cup in 1920, 1921, 1923 and 1927 (the Super Six years). In total, the club won the Stanley Cup eleven times, including challenges during two years it did not win the Cup for the season. In 1950, Canadian sports editors selected the Ottawa HC/Senators as Canada’s greatest team in the first half of the 20th century.