Otomatatsu Sonoda, Vancouver after anti Asian riots, 1907

Photograph Information

Title: Otomatatsu Sonoda, Contractor, 336 Powell Street, Vancouver, B.C after anti Asian riots, Sept 1907
Source: Library Archives Canada
Source Link: Mikan #3363559
Photographer: Unknown
Date: 1907

Colourization Notes

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Anti Asian riots

The 1907 Vancouver riot was the second act of anti-Oriental violence in the history of Vancouver; the first incident took place in the area of Coal Harbour, in 1887. In the early years of the twentieth century race relations on the Pacific Coast of Canada were strained. There were some sixteen thousand Chinese in the province; in a city of one hundred thousand people or around 8% of the population. There were also 8000 Japanese and around 5000 South Asian enclaves. The Chinese had come to Canada to build the railways; the Japanese to fish; and Indians to farm and log.

The Vancouver Anti-Oriental Riots occurred over three days September 7-9, 1907, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. At about the same time there were similar anti-Asian riots in San Francisco, Bellingham, Washington and other West Coast cities. They were not coordinated, but instead reflected common underlying anti-Asian nativism Agitation for direct action was led by labor unions and small business. No one was killed but the damage to Asian-owned property was extensive. One result was an informal agreement whereby the government of Japan stopped emigration to Canada.

This is the view of 336 Powell Street today on Google Maps