GNR train wreck near Burnaby Lake, BC 1906

Photograph Information

Title: The wreck of Great Northern Railway train and engine #202 near Burnaby (Deer) Lake, BC 1906
Source: Vancouver Archives
Source Link: AM54-S4-2-: CVA 371-21778
Photographer: Unknown
Date: 1905

Colourization Notes

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Great Northern Railway train wreck

The wreck occurred on January 10, 1906 as reported by the ‘Vancouver Daily World’. The headline read:

“Fast train crashes into a fallen tree”
Frightful accident near Burnaby Lake. Flying locomotive ditched and cars smashed. Engineer killed at his post. Two passengers injured, fireman escapes miraculously. Traffic blocked for many hours – relief train now on the scene.

It is estimated that the wrecked train was travelling at a speed of at least 40 miles an hour, as it left New Westminster five minutes behind time and the engineer was probably endeavoring to make this up. The precise spot at which the wreck occurred is the most favourable for miles on either side, as the track is nearly at the level of the surrounding ground…

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The article was tracked down and clipped by Jason Vanderhill