Picnic committee – Copeland-Chatterson Co., Brampton, 1905

Photograph Information

Title: Picnic committee of the Copeland-Chatterson Co., Brampton, Ontario 1905
Source: Toronto Public Library
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Date: 1905

Colourization Notes

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Copeland-Chatterson Company

The Copeland-Chatterson Company was the first Canadian manufacturer of loose-leaf binders and other office and bookkeeping products.

Founders Robert J. Copeland and A. E. Chatterson started manufacturing in Toronto in 1896, but relocated to Brampton at the start of the 20th century. The Railroad Street factory went through several expansions until the company relocated operations in the 1970s.

In 1933 the Brampton Conservator had this to say about them:-

“Finest business systems are manufactured in Brampton: The Copeland-Chatterson Company in a factory that is a model of arrangement and with best purchasable equipment – for twenty-eight years service has been given to most important business corporations in every province of Canada”

Not too sure what kind of picnics these guys organized – they don’t look like the “cup of tea and cucumber sandwich ” crowd!