How did you get into colourization?
I have been interested in my family history for a long time and collected a large number of old family photographs. I saw a colourization that someone else had done and then was inspired to start colourizing my family pictures.

Why are so many of your photos from Vancouver and Toronto?
In order to produce a good colourization the original photograph needs to be a high quality scan and of a decent size. The Vancouver Archives and City of Toronto Archives have both provided great scans on their websites. Unfortunately, many other archives around Canada only display small, poor quality scans of their photographs which make colourization difficult. I am always on the lookout for high quality historical pictures from around Canada and if you know of any, let me know!

I have a photograph that I would love to see in colour – do you accept commissions?
Yes, I do accept commissions and will be happy to give you a quote for photographs that you would like to see in colour. Please use the contact form to ask for a quote.

How accurate can a colourization be?
It is often possible to find good colour references for a colourization. Some subjects like military uniforms, medals, advertising signs are easy to find online or in museums and I use those references as the basis for a colourization. For some parts of an image there may not be direct colour references but that part can be coloured by respecting the colours used at the time. For instance, a woman’s dress in a crowd scene could be coloured in a number of different ways. There is no way to guarantee that the colouring would be exactly right on the dress but I would use a colour that is period appropriate. If I make a mistake in an image I am always happy to correct it and I appreciate all of the feedback that I get from people – there is so much historical knowledge out there and I am grateful when people share it with me and let me know if anything is wrong.

Can I find out more about you and your colourizations?
Yes! I have been interviewed several times and had articles published – a small selection are listed below

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