John Chipman Kerr VC, 49th Battalion (Edmonton Regiment), 1917

Two soldiers with friends/relatives at railway station, Vancouver c.1915

Edmonton Grads 1936 - Colourized Photograph

Edmonton Grads basketball team, Strasbourg, France 1936 represented Canada at the Berlin Olympics

Family reads Armistice Day headlines, Toronto, Nov 11 1918

Lumberjacks having their photograph taken, Quebec, 1937

Vancouver Lacrosse Club, Minto Cup holders, 1912

Hilton Dairy Staff – Mar 17 1936

Reporters waiting on the street, Toronto, 1910-1920

W. McKnight, Canada’s highest scoring ace during the Battle of Britain, Douglas Bader & Eric Ball – 1940

James “Eddie” Edwards – N. Africa, Jan 1943, Canada’s highest scoring ace in the Western Desert Campaign

Baseball Umpire, Toronto 1940s

Billie Hallam, Miss Toronto 1937

Vancouver volunteer fire brigade – hose reel racing team c.1890

Family portrait, Lovett, Alberta c.1916

Sir John A Macdonald – first Prime Minister of Canada

First Vancouver City Council Meeting after the Great Vancouver Fire of 1886

Studebaker Delivery Truck – Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co. Ltd – Vancouver, March 1918

Winston Churchill at the Quebec Conference, August 1943

Alberta Railway & Irrigation Company / Great Northern International Train Station on the International Boundary at Coutts, AB & Sweetgrass, MT – 1908

Missie Perley, Ottawa, July 1893 – photographer William Topley

Capt. Billy Bishop, VC seated in the cockpit of his Nieuport Scout, on Aug 6, 1917

Pedestrians outside the A.B.C. Coffee Shop, Burnaby, 1940s

Three players from the Toronto St Pats, December 3 1926

Player with the Vancouver Beavers baseball team, Vancouver, 1919